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Pushrims for everyday use.




Specially coated aluminium pushrim for quadriplegics or other wheelchair users with missing or restricted hand and finger function.

The pushrim is completely encased within an anti-slip plastic coating. The coating is very durable and provides optimum grip whilst driving the wheelchair simply through the pressure of the ball of the thumb.

This special pushrim is secure against torsion and slipping, extremely light in weight and never looses its grip.

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Pushrim "CURVE"neu

Pushrim Curve

Full control with »Curve« - the ergonomic hand rim for active wheelchair user. Made in Germany.

Based on the natural anatomy of the hand, the ergonomically optimized profile guarantees a controlled and effortless grip, while stabilizing the wrist. Compared to the use of conventional hand rims, the use of »Curve« is less tiring for the hand muscles, leading to less convulsions and less pain for those, suffering on carpal tunnel syndrome and resulting in a relaxed and sustainable ride.

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»More Grip, More Power« - the new aluminum profile from CarboLife with our classic Tetra-Gripp-Coating.

The innovative profile shape is larger compared to conventional pushrims with circular cross section and ensures quadriplegics for the first time a significantly larger effective area between hand and grip tires.

Through this the driving on a plain surface and especially on slopes is saving more energy on power and joints, thus ensuring a better and safer handling of the wheelchair.

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Pushrim "ERGO-GRIPP"

Greifring ERGO-GRIPP

This hollow chamber aluminium pushrim is especially characterised through its ergonomic profile and its design.

Through its uncoated oval shape on the inner side and its flat upper side, which is coated with a high grip plastic layer, this pushrim provides opti- mum characteristics for wheelchair users with normal and slightly restricted or weakened hand and finger function. During braking on the anodised outer and under side this pushrim does not become hot, but offers optimum grip on its upper side when driving the wheelchair.

Through its hollow chamber profile the diameter of this pushrim is increased and allows ergonomic gripping.

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Pushrim "PARA-GRIPP"

Greifring PARA-GRIPP

2 mm plastic-coated aluminium pushrim.

Extremely hard-wearing, good grip characteristics, enlarged pushrim diameter and cold protection are the advantages of this pushrim. Through its sealed surface it does not become to hot during braking.

It is suitable for all wheelchair users.

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If you are interested in our pushrims, please contact your dealer of confidence.